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Sri Lankan Solid Rubber Tires -Steering the globe ahead

Sri Lankan tire manufacturers cater to nearly 20% of the global solid tire demand, with many Sri Lankan producers developing specialised moulding methods and compounds to serve the growing technical specificities of the industrial world.

One of the most technically specified tires made in Sri Lanka are the non-marking white solid rubber tires, that does not makes black marks on the ground when in use. Specially designed to be used indoors for specified hygienic and industrial functions such as at pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, paper pulp manufacturing, textile manufacturing and aerospace facilities.

Suitable for forklift applications the value added qualities of non-marking white solid tires include puncture and cut resistance, heavy load bearing capacity, heat resistance, superior shock absorption, reduced rolling resistance and minimum downtime.

Sri Lankan Solid Tire Manufacturers also produce resilient white or black solid tires with three layers, that provide extra high durability. With steel rings in the base section to ensure extreme grip and skid prevention, resilient solid tires allow extra heavy loads to be carried over longer distance at high speeds, while providing high abrasion resistance.

High quality raw material and meticulously developed natural rubber compounds form the base of Sri Lanka’s solid tires, that are being exported across the globe for cargo and heavy load handling under extreme conditions.

Among the other specialised Sri Lankan made solid tires are the skid steer tires that are used in heavy vehicles like loaders and excavators. These premium and standard wide solid tires and two layer press on band tires are designed to perform high level operation at most demanding environments.

Produced to meet the technical guidelines of the European Tire and Rim Technical Organisation (ETRTO) on capacity, geometry and design of the tire, Sri Lankan industrial type solid rubber tires are currently exported to a large number of importers in USA, Germany, France, UK, Belgium and Italy.

With supreme quality material and expert knowledge and skills, Sri Lankan solid tires manufacturers drive the global industrial world literally single-handed.

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