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LAUGFS Rubber launches initiatives to minimise environmental impact

LAUGFS Rubber recently marked the completion of a number of key initiatives as part of a company-wide project launched to enhance operational excellence by minimising the environmental impact. These initiatives are expected to minimise energy consumption and wastage at the LAUGFS Rubber factory in Horana.

In collaboration with LAUGFS Power, a grid-tied rooftop solar PV system was installed at the LAUGFS Rubber factory, generating 40% of power required for factory operations. It is expected to generate 490 MWh of clean energy to the national grid on an annual basis, while offsetting 350 MTs of CO2 emissions to the environment. This initiative will reduce LAUGFS Rubber’s dependency on non-renewable energy sources for electricity, minimising the overall environmental impact and strengthening the company’s investments in renewable energy.

In its efforts to minimise the overall energy usage in its production processes, LAUGFS Rubber has further implemented a number of initiatives including regular energy audits, infrastructural changes etc., which have enabled the company to enhance the overall operational efficiency. Skylights are used to effectively utilise natural sunlight, while capacitor banks are used to curtail the energy wastage when activating machinery. With strong processes in place, by following international standards and best practices to ensure responsible and efficient energy consumption, LAUGFS Rubber has also received the ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management System certification.

In line with these initiatives, an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) was commissioned to purify and recycle water, optimising the overall water wastage. Dust collectors have been installed within the factory premises to remove contaminants, while strict noise limits are maintained when operating factory machinery to minimise noise pollution.

The rubber mixing, transportation and other production processes have also been assessed to identify and effectively address any environmental impacts. LAUGFS Rubber has also received the ISO 14001: 2015 certification for its environmental management system and processes.

The company has further received the ISO/TS 14067: 2012 Product Carbon Footprint certification, where the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have been transparently calculated across the industrial solid tyre manufacturing process.

“LAUGFS Rubber is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality industrial tyres for international markets. By employing the latest technologies and processes, the company provides a range of superior quality products to meet existing and potential client needs.

Launching these environmentally friendly initiatives ensures that LAUGFS Rubber consistently delivers value through a sustainable organisational value chain. This outlook will steer the company forward as LAUGFS Rubber continues to strengthen its reputation globally,” commented LAUGFS Rubber Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Antony.

LAUGFS Corporation (Rubber) Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of LAUGFS Holdings Limited, and specialises in manufacturing industrial solid tyres since 2008. Exporting to 35 countries across five continents, the company has established a widespread global presence, with its product portfolio utilised by numerous original heavy equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Its state-of-the-art manufacturing plants follow globally recognised Total Quality Management (TQM) processes, in order to produce the highest quality solid tyres to international standards. Maintaining strict quality parameters consistently across its manufacturing processes, LAUGFS Rubber is also certified with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certification.

“As a responsible corporate, we are committed to reducethe environmental impact across our operations. With growing pressure to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, integrating sustainable practices across the value chain have created multiple opportunities for us to optimise our resources for improved efficiency with continuous sustainable value creation,” commented LAUGFS Rubber Deputy General Manager, Chinthaka Wegapitiya.

LAUGFS is one of the largest diversified business conglomerates and a trusted name in Sri Lanka. Founded in 1995, LAUGFS today has expanded across 20 industries in Sri Lanka and overseas, establishing a strong presence as a leader and pioneer in the power and energy, retail, industrial, services, leisure and logistics sectors. With over 4,000 employees and an annual turnover exceeding Rs.37 billion, LAUGFS continues to expand and empower millions as a trusted Sri Lankan brand.

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